Modgal Metal

For over 50 years, Modgal Metal (1999) Ltd. has specialized in the manufacturing and casting of various types of iron products for a wide range of industries – including the global automotive industry, fire extinguishing pipes, air conditioning and special casts tailored to customers’ specifications (on the local and international markets).

The company also invests in R&D to provide customers with an expansive range of products, including the designing and manufacturing of grooved fittings and joints for diverse purposes on the global market. The company operates an inter-organizational CAD-CAM system and a Design and Engineering Department with sophisticated cast simulation systems. The company operates a modern foundry shop implementing updated end technologies and specializing in hot dip galvanization, powder coating and processing.

The company has an elite Quikcoup grooved product line that meets strict quality assurance standards. Modgal designs and manufactures high quality grooved fittings and joints for the global market. The product line includes a range of grooved

accessories and perforated and threaded components. The grooved system is designed to enable quick, reliable and economical pipe connection – for a range of uses, including:

  • Sprinklers (firefighting)
  • HVAC (climate control)
  • Industrial uses
  • Hot and cold water facilities
  • Wastewater systems
  • Numerous other purposes
  • One system for all uses. Unique, economical and fast!
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