Ran Steels and Metals Ltd.

For the past three decades, Ran Steels & Metals has specialized in importing and supplying metals, and in selling professional iron, sheet metal and cylinders. The company has the proven ability to import all types of related raw materials, meeting the customer’s needs and the strictest standards of quality. The company’s customers include corporations from civil industries, manufacturers, government agencies (including the Ministry of Defense) and infrastructure companies.

Ran Steels & Metals consistently supplies customers with their orders on time, even in tight schedules – thanks to its excellent delivery capabilities, high availability of raw materials and inventory and extensive experience in identifying high quality global

suppliers. The company operates an extensive truck fleet and has close ties with external transportation companies. Ran Steels & Metals prides itself on its highly professional teams and its efficient and courteous customer service, available for all matters and needs. The company has two cutting factories, located at the Ariel Industrial Park and on Moshav Timurim. The company’s factories are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, ensuring excellent precision and quality for the benefit of its customers.

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