Ran Quality Steels Ltd.

Ran Quality Steel Ltd., part of the Ran Steels & Metals Group, is a privately owned company that was founded in 1986. The company specializes in importing and supplying stainless steel and aluminum from leading European manufacturers. Products are imported to meet customers’ individual specifications, with adjustments being made to suit unique and specific requests.

Ran Quality Steel always puts its customers first, while striving to provide an industrial service structure that is specifically suited to individual needs. The company is built on values of quality, professionalism, reliability and progress, as expressed through its expert teams of professionals and by delivering the most suitable and advanced equipment, meeting deadlines and providing courteous and professional customer services. The organization complies with strict international standards and works with a large range of customers, including the security sector, private corporations and the aviation industry.

Ran Quality Steel works with various subcontractors for cutting and delivering materials and receives additional services from other companies within the Group – to provide customers with comprehensive solutions from a single location.

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